Amazon Solutions


Amazon Authorized Seller Program

This is a great solution for companies that are 1P but need more control with pricing, catalog and inventory. The key is being one step removed by selling your items in our store in a turn-key environment. We optimize your Amazon items for the best possible results, support your omni-channel strategies and build an incredible brand experience for your Amazon customers with beautifully created item pages. If you don’t have the resources to open your own Amazon Marketplace store, our Authorized Seller Program is a perfect solution.

  • Optimized Listings
  • Turn-Key Management
  • Synergistic Omni-Channel Strategies
  • All Products are Prime
  • Profitable and Solution Oriented


Managed Services

This solution is for clients who either have a Marketplace store and are not sure they are managing it properly or have a desire to open one but are not familiar with the processes. If this sounds like you, our Managed Services option may be for you. Like our Authorized Seller Program, it is a complete turn-key program to optimize your sales and brand on Amazon. This option will help you take control of your catalog, pricing, inventory and profitability. Your products will be managed at the highest level of optimization and professionalism with proven, best-in-class, winning strategies.


Special Amazon Programs

Did you know that Amazon captures 50% of the U.S. market-share for all online sales? They are the dominant player in specific categories as well. As such, we can assist in planning and implementing specific category programs finding the right program for your category or needs. KartSmartr has built exclusive Amazon partnerships and has the right contacts, experience, knowledge and more to help you win on Amazon!

  • Exclusive Amazon Fresh Program: invite only and based on an Amazon Marketing Accrual
  • Amazon Private Label Programs
  • Specific Category Programs, such as Beauty
  • 1P to 3P Transition and Strategies
  • 3P Management



All Things eCom


There are more players than Amazon, and the time and resources it takes to manage it all can be overwhelming. Let the KartSmartr team navigate, optimize your presence and execute proven strategies for any of your eCom partners.



Brand Enforcement


Although other agencies will tell you that obtaining brand registry is all you need to fight 3P’s (aka Rogue Sellers), KartSmartr looks at it a bit differently, and we build a battle strategy. This includes:

  • Omni-Channel Consulting
  • Product Configuration Strategies
  • Proprietary Anti-3P Elimination Strategies
  • Special Amazon Programs: the Nuclear Option (additional fees required)
  • Brand Registry



Content Optimization


Every agency talks about their content optimization and understanding the Amazon algorithms. At KartSmartr, we take this several levels deeper with better understanding, strategies and execution. We touch every critical algorithm beyond optimized content.





eCom market share growth is moving at a rapid pace. By 2025 online grocery shopping will hit $100B and many CPG companies are not prepared with the right players or strategies. KartSmartr Consulting Services can help with:

  • 3P Discovery (how are they getting your products and how do you stop them?)
  • Hiring the Right People
  • Omni-Channel and Amazon Strategies
  • Product Packaging
  • Retail Buyer Discovery (what does the buyer really think about your company selling on Amazon?)
  • Shipping

KartSmartr can help you untangle your eCom issues, create and execute a solid plan and help you grow your business.





You need proper data to make intelligent eCom business decisions. KartSmartr delivers insightful reports and creates strategic recommendations based on our findings. Through the nature of shared best practices, continued investment in industry conferences and the ability to analyze the data based on your needs, KartSmartr provides the resources to aid in short-term decisions for long-term growth.



Three quarters of Amazon customers will start their search in the Amazon search bar. Understanding specific Amazon advertising strategies is critical for winning on Amazon. Let our experts manage your ads and help your items get found.



It is no longer optional to have a Direct to Consumer (DTC) sales and digital marketing strategy. Unless your target audience is over 60, you must have a digital presence to be relevant. Although 97% of millennials buy on Amazon, they are influenced by your social media and website. Having the right digital strategies are critical for your Amazon sales and the health of your brand. KartSmartr can assist you with all of your digital endeavors.



FBA Management /Prime Badge


The Prime Badge is a critical strategy, but navigating Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to obtain the badge isn’t easy. Let us manage your FBA strategies. From product configurations, pricing strategies and consulting to inventory management and forecasting: KartSmartr does it all.